Monday, 27 June 2016

A complete package of culture and history with romance

A complete package of many love stories in one book, “Honour for a Ransom” has narrated not only soulful love stories in a poetic way but has given a glimpse of the culture and history of undivided India, divided India and England. Most of the story revolves around Kartar’s life but it also unfolds the other love stories which have heartbroken endings either because of the rigid caste system or partition of the country. 

There is no need to point out the quality and beauty of the language used and there is no doubt author has done justice with the regional language too. In fact it’s becoming a trend to Indianise English literature by using Indian words and phrases in between the dialogue, which is the demand of the readers as well as the characters and the same author has tried this method in this romantic piece of work.  Besides the language, the writing style is also up to the standard and the editor has done his job very wellwhich is evident in the book. 

The cover of the book which is quite attractive narrates the whole story without the reader having to turn the pages. The colour composition as well the design brilliantly portrays the story and creates a true perception in the reader’s mind.

Everything - the story, the language, and the writing style catches the attention but characters’ names are too confusing and a puzzle to resolve. Besides this, jumping between stories is an undesirable style of writing which diverts the readers and makes them think a lot to understand the story. 

The book not only narrates a tragic love story but with remarkable work of language, storing the culture and history too, is a good read to all kind of readers. 

Overall rating 4/5

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