So that India can sing peace song

On Sunday PM Manmohan Singh will fly to Russia and then to China is buzzing news these days for these three country but China whose relation with India have been uneasy. China recently get ready to give two nuclear reactor to Pakistan which is also a big foe of India. On one side India is going for nuclear deal with Russia but neighbor country is already involve in shaking hand for arm and nuclear deal which is a matter of big thought. At the same time Pakistan's action of violating the case fire in Kashmir region is also a big problem for India for which Neighbor country like China should have to intervene in the scene but behind the curtain both are holding their Hands. India defence body and Foreign Policy maker should have work in futuristic manner so that in future the secure India can sing peace song.

Need of joint effort to make country green
Plants, trees and forest are the pieces of green soul of the earth as a gift of nature like a loaf for human life without which imagination of existence is out of thought. We are not only breathing because of this greenery but thousands of other activities and needs are being fulfilled by the lending hand of the greenery. Inspite of these great performances of nature, we have harassed and assassinated the soul of the green abode which is amiable property of the earth. Now there is real need of bring the charm back and turn the green body alive and fresh.
In the same land of this country where back breaking effort are being taken to increase forest area, an amazing tradition and bizarre relationship building movement are also going on which have energy to make country green with joint effort. An exemplary village of Bihar, Darhara where people traditionally plants a sapling on the occasion of girl child birth by her name and nourish till it turn to tree. On other hand of the same hand country where recently nature devastated the thousands of hamlets above the mountain, people are engage in a movement headed by Himalayee Paryavaran Siksha Sansthan, Uttarkashi named as Raksha Sutra Andolan. In this movement people binds a ring around the trunk of tree to build a sister brother relationship and people gets ought to save the tree till death.

women are tieing the raksha sutra arounthe tree trunk in Uttarakhand
Think for a while when both traditional revolution which confine to some villages and a Bhagirathi valley movement will come out of their respective zone and walk to the every corner of the country by holding fingers of the environmentalist, then India can become lung of the world. It can only be possible if you, as a unit of this world will welcome it with zeal and zest and prevail other to do the same. If you and your family pledge to plant a tree on the occasion of daughter’s birth and tie a Raksha Sutra around the trunk of the tree on the occasion of the Raksha Bandhan then the area of forest will spurt and reinstate the soul of green world.

POEM : The Countryside

The countryside

The  country  side  location
Like the valley of God’s creation
A  hut  in   the   wood
Where I spent my childhood
The  family  is  large  as  much
The cattle, tree, stream and much
We  live since years
Without having fears
In the web of relation
With love and affection
The  stars  in  the  deep  night
Twinkling like the heaven’s sight
The blowing wind and breeze
Kept  the  conflict  freeze
The  village  in  brief
A place without grief

Nourish Your 5th Space

The four direction east, west, north and south seems surrounded us but actually the four unleash us to go anywhere with or without holding hand in hand with the same. The direction didn’t bind us but we are bounded to the four either of the direction or space. Without catching finger of the direction we loose our home, school, work place and whole world this means our body and soul will confine themselves at one place and we would not enjoy or take solace from the vast and beautiful nature. This shows that our body and soul will loose their identity. The direction keeps us on the right track, helps us to reach our goal, give drive to the wheel and wings to the plane.
Same as the above our life is encircled by four spaces namely family, work place, entertainment and friend where we live, enjoy, get livelihood, company, support, helping hand. Thousands of other boxes of need including these play great importance in human life to build and make body & soul fresh and alive. These four spaces collectively walk side by side of our bigger world and without which this world will become disable and destitute. These four spaces give us cause to live, shoulder to walk, pace to reach at end with smooth thoughts, support emotionally, story to live with smile and lots of other stand. What is our bigger sphere? Our bigger sphere is self or individual identity comprises of body and soul which we can call 5th space.
On this earth, so called growing and racing world no body have time to stand as a helping or sharing hand due which these four spaces has been devoid of proper support, sense of humor, cause of peace and company. In the contemporary world individual are individualizing themselves and thus these four spaces are shrinking and at the same time an urge to create 5th space and have scope to extend their territory. This space exists but hidden inside us, only need to consciously create the 5th space where you can feed the soul and nourish it. The 5th space is a space where you can spend time with self and whatever your soul needs. Reflection and introspection could be one style of being in the 5th space where you can reflect your action. On the bed before sleeping think of question such as how many times you spoke lie, how many bird you feed, how many insect you saved or how many time did you avoid crushing ants on the road or anywhere else, how many animal did you feed? These all will give you satisfaction, peace, boost your morale, develop your self as unique personality and bigger aspect is that it will give you an idea to spend the next day with good deeds. You can spend this space to serve the society, help the people, maintain a small garden in your house, creating an artificial bird house in our surroundings, garden or home, to feed birds or animals, to spend time with your grand parents or pet. These all can be your 5th space and the ambit of this space would be large as much you want. Maintaining diary is a part of reflection and documentation of your life but you can make it as you separate space where you can spend time with you diary to write new stories, feelings and emotions and to peep in the past.
Every thing start from self, if you will nourish it and make it heals and hearty then possibilities of success and peace will increase because of your energy, stable mind and positivity given by 5th space. Thus at contemporary time it is an urge to create 5th space by every individual and need to live few hours in twenty four hour of the day to nourish self.

 Asrarul Haque Jeelani
BSW-IIIrd year, Dept. Of Social Work
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi


My Experience With Dharaji

Before moving for Group Exposure to Narmada Bachao Andolan I was never heard or aware about Dharaji a group of five villages in Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh but now I installed a box in the name of Dharaji in my mind and heart. Story begin with an intense urge of my heart to go somewhere for any social cause, for the same I came to know about the Group Exposure program of Pravah and then I decided to go as a youth facilitator. With the entry in Narmada valley, landing on such part of the earth that is going to submerge, my mind surrounded by thousand drops of issues, voices of the tribal that is still echoing in small valley of my heart. After interaction with Alok da, Silvy di and number of tribal people got to know about the issue.

a small island surrounded by Naramada river

one morning near Narmada river

                 a child on the boat 
      a small hut over the hill
I returned back to all my four spaces with lots of questions, ideas with enthusiasm that were floating in my conscious mind and I didn’t come back to enjoy my four spaces but it was for dragging out some moment or time from all my four spaces to create a new space for doing something that I believe to do. We created a 5th space in a form of group named as V and Dharaji comprises of friends from Jamia, DU and IIT with the objectives to take Dharaji on map, to aware the people about the issue and Delhi based documentation and other work for NBA.

Dharaji helped me to create my 5th space where I enjoy very types of time to write poems, stories, to think and reflect the words that were came to my ear after courageously spoken by an old tribal man. You know what was that sentence it was '' ham hath jor kar kahte hain pahucha do meri aawaz ko''  and this said touched my heart. Even eye of an old women whispered in my ear, river Narmada narrate me their grief to decorate the words in the form of poems. I have written some poem and story, some of the poems wrote in Dharaji and some in Delhi.

activities with tribal's children
Through V and Dharaji group we put our effort and done some activities like Clean Drive at Jantar Mantar on December 12, 2012 by the idea of Rajat (IIT, New Delhi). It could possible by the share hand of my friends that my idea of Visiting Dharaji and A program ‘’ Narmada – the soul call’’ has happened successfully. A big learning that I encountered with was to take permission for organizing clean drive at Janatar Mantar from concern Police administration. Four people including me visited Dharaji and head office of NBA at Khandawa where my eyes got opportunities to run over the pages of the honorable Supreme Court Judgement. It was first time of my life to touch such heavy judgments report and studied. When I was diving inside the issue and exploring Dharaji , got chance to attend workshop of the British Council to organize any social action. And for this British Council funded me to organize a social action and Narmada – the soul call program has been successfully delivered in IIT, New Delhi before approximately 60 students. A phenomenal and unexpected feedback came from the audience side in which most of the student wrote their desire to go NBA and Dharaji and some of the student pledged to switch off the electric appliances before living room. Lastly it is Dharaji who show me the way or connect me to visit Uttarakhand in the dark day of Himalayan region.        

                             The soul call
                                                                                     © Asrarul Haque Jeelani

The soul call of Narmada
Call for soul
That has been stolen
Call for life
That has been vanished
Call for pace
That has been broken down
Please and again please
Return back
My soul, my life and my pace.

The soul call of Narmada
Call for stream
My energy and my strength
For saving my lovers,
My relatives,
Who are taking caring of me.
Call for my devotee
Who are not near by me
Please and again please
Give me freedom
Take me out of prison
The prison of the dam
Send back my devotee
To touch and feel my water.


The words have no more energy 

To acknowledge the hands of father,

a great shadow over head
Lap of mother, a bed of sound sleep 

Back of brother like van of school and

Helping mind of sister

who always consoled me whenever my mind tired

Who dare to return the same

No one but only

one can realize and 

walk, holding hands of them forever

Asrarul haque Jeelani

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