Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Need of joint effort to make country green
Plants, trees and forest are the pieces of green soul of the earth as a gift of nature like a loaf for human life without which imagination of existence is out of thought. We are not only breathing because of this greenery but thousands of other activities and needs are being fulfilled by the lending hand of the greenery. Inspite of these great performances of nature, we have harassed and assassinated the soul of the green abode which is amiable property of the earth. Now there is real need of bring the charm back and turn the green body alive and fresh.
In the same land of this country where back breaking effort are being taken to increase forest area, an amazing tradition and bizarre relationship building movement are also going on which have energy to make country green with joint effort. An exemplary village of Bihar, Darhara where people traditionally plants a sapling on the occasion of girl child birth by her name and nourish till it turn to tree. On other hand of the same hand country where recently nature devastated the thousands of hamlets above the mountain, people are engage in a movement headed by Himalayee Paryavaran Siksha Sansthan, Uttarkashi named as Raksha Sutra Andolan. In this movement people binds a ring around the trunk of tree to build a sister brother relationship and people gets ought to save the tree till death.

women are tieing the raksha sutra arounthe tree trunk in Uttarakhand
Think for a while when both traditional revolution which confine to some villages and a Bhagirathi valley movement will come out of their respective zone and walk to the every corner of the country by holding fingers of the environmentalist, then India can become lung of the world. It can only be possible if you, as a unit of this world will welcome it with zeal and zest and prevail other to do the same. If you and your family pledge to plant a tree on the occasion of daughter’s birth and tie a Raksha Sutra around the trunk of the tree on the occasion of the Raksha Bandhan then the area of forest will spurt and reinstate the soul of green world.

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