Monday, 6 April 2015

I Don't want

I don’t want

I don’t want to touch you girl
Though I am a man among thousands of men
I am among men who live for sex not for rape
I am a man who sees you but not stalk
Who pass by you but not stare
Who has penis but not for wrong penetration
Who has hand but not to rub you forcefully
Some of you sometimes
rub your cleavage to my arm 6
intentionally in buses, at crowded place, in the train
I have dignity thus I don’t want
There are some among me who touch you intentionally
But not me
I am a young men, desire in my heart but
I don’t want to touch you lady
Though you have cleavage
Your attractive body to sue me
You have pink lips
But unattractive for me
I don’t want to kiss you
I don’t want to **** you
I don’t want to rub you
But my love

Asrarul Haque Jeelani
Date: 4th April 2015

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