Sunday, 2 February 2014

                       Soul has no distinction of sex

Human being is the assembling of body, mind and soul. The existence of difference, distinction and distinguishing factors are only the matter of body and mind and not of soul.  People are distinguished as male and female, black and white by his bodily feature, atheist, communist and religious by his mind but by soul, all are equal because it has connection with God. Various religions have their own but somehow equal concept regarding the soul. By the Islamic concept it is the command of God. Some religions like Hinduism have belief that every living organism possessed soul and this concept is called as animism but in some it is only of human being.  
The mind and the body is semi observable and observable entity respectively but soul is invisible like God but work as protagonist for body and mind. Body is the abode of soul where soul encountered with mind which pollutes the same. Though our soul is pure, have own words and prime source of peace. We never tried to read and catch the words of the soul.
The Theosophical society and movement of 19th century with aim of universal spiritual brotherhood has correctly worked on this subject and focusing these matters in their principle which is still much more relevant. Its one principle is God creates different races with view to developing different virtues in mankind and the next male and female are equal because soul has no distinction of sex. Both principle are very relevant to the contemporary world where racial conflict are encroaching on the land and the women are deprived of their right, losing their dignity and victimized by the dominating thought of male. So there is need of revival of the past thoughts of the movement to make change in the society and remember that every living organism have the same soul that we possessed which doesn’t distinguish male and female.

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