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how I spent my winter vacation in different spaces for different causes

Training program at V.V Giri National Labour Institute

Period : 23rd December to 27th December 2013

Group living with sharing, listening thoughts, ideas, stories, residing in a hostel with a group of students who are pursuing same course but from different institution across the country shows self image and real worth of our institution. The 5 days of amazing hospitality and training program of V.V Giri National Labour Institute introduced not only the different aspects and corner of the child labour but it was the platform where we came across the beauty of Jamia, praiseworthy field work and supervision and also relevant course content of our department. We felt worthy and privileged after get in touch with the social work students of various institutions from different corner of the India.
 Came back with enthusiastic load of plans and ideas to do some work for and with child labour.

Muzaffarnagar camp visit :

My intense urge to meet the riot victim, to feel their wound made myself present in one of the Muzaffarnagar riot victim’s camp in Malkana village on second last day of the year. On 29th December 2013 I shared my wish to visit Muzaffarnagar camp with Mr. Afroz Alam Sahil (RTI activist) and Mr. Zakir Riyaz. Mr. Afroz had already visited few camps but Mr. Zakir has planned to go there so we three met each other and discussed plans and purpose to visit the camp. On the second day we moved to Muzaffar Nagar with the companion of Mr. Zakir and her sisiter, Mr. Zeshan and me.   

 It was my first experience to see the camp under the open sky in such cold month which told me to think and to enter in the drop of sadness. I went there with an aim to know about the child labour scenario because during the training program at V.V Giri National Labour Institute, I got the information that after the riot children are entering in the child labour but after the discussion with Mr. Zakir Riyaz, I went there by changed motive to know about the appearing student in the board exam so that we can do something for them. We met men, women, children and some key person. They suggested us to announce by the loudspeaker regarding gathering of 10th and 12th class appeared student. I entered in the mosque and announced, after few minute 6-7 students gathered. We interacted with them and told them to continue their study we will help. Before returning back to Delhi, seeing back to the camp was tearful. Came back with the same question why communal riot happens? 

Ten days of NSS special camp:

 The community where we live since long time with our ongoing student life is not able to provide real scenario of our abiding space but the institution’s initiative works like the window through which a student can peep into the community and come across the truth behind the curtain. The ten days NSS Special camp did the same from where I added lots of unknown problem of the community in my dictionary, Came to know about the people’s expectation from Jamia, got  exposure with the bundle of people’s ideas and suggestions who belongs to diverse background. It was the research work for the community need but I researched myself, it reflected me the need of my nourishing area for my development to work for the community.

For the motive to understand Jamia neighbourhood for constructive engagement
Date : 30th of December 2013 to 8th January 2014

To be a good follower of the leader is great task and no one gives attention toward this quality which makes a team successful. In this camp I tried my best to follow my group leader rightly and participated in the group activity as much as possible. I think I couldn’t represent myself better during the camp after trying my best but it is my pleasure to get consolation prize in best camper category.

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