Friday, 5 December 2014



One of my colleague in social sector told me to write something on volunteerism because yesterday (5th December) was international volunteer day but I couldn't write. In short I am writing here something.

It is fact that almost all the social sector, voluntary organisation, government organisation or any other institution who claim their contribution in the social change, they do by the hand of volunteer but the real hero who do the contribution are ignored. No educational institution is caring about the volunteerism, no discussion, not in syllabus content not even in social work course. It should be talk, discuss, encourage and conceptualized. I refer one term for those volunteer who somehow do their work in social sector, contribute in social welfare, social change that is social volunteer.

The social volunteers those who contribute their time, energy and effort for the social cause and social change should be the end of effort.
It is time to think about volunteerism, about the rights of volunteer by the social thinkers, social work academician.

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